Rick began in the entertainment industry in the late 70’s as a professional magician and aspiring musician. He was signed for many years as a principle film and television actor to Lucas Talent artist management in Vancouver, Canada. He worked with Ang Lee on the Life of Pi, and supplied Motion Capture at the EA Labs for such films as, Hercules, The Giver and Night at the Museum 3.

Director, producer, actor, with 25 years’ experience in marketing and Information Technology in Canada, US and Bermuda, assures to you the variety of skills and experience to help make your film project a success. Past clients include, McDonald’s, ASUS, Royal Bank of Canada, Canada Bread, Visa 2010 Olympics, TELUS etc.

Severed Arts provides directing, scripting, shooting, monster creation, makeup, and scoring movies with a high production value at extremely affordable costs.

Work with a professional cast and crew of industry experts.  Our talent is recognized as being one of the best value for dollar, ultra low budget, film production companies in Vancouver.

We have been part of many successful award winning productions and horror is our specialty.

creature side by side

This Creature was designed by an illustrator, fabricated and makeup applied in approximately 36 hours (not including casting the actors head).

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 11.18.23 PM

A concept drawing turned into reality. A stitched heart or Severed Artery, made into a realistic horror prop (see it come to life in the video section).

darkness poster

The illusions of Darkness will make you a believer.